About us


Welcome to North Star Cell! Here happily serving clients since 1999, we started out offering Sprint, then grew into Nextel, and kept growing as our clients had different needs and requests.

Today we offer services through AT&T, Sprint, and a complete menu of repairs for iPhones, Androids, computers, and TVs. We also have a full line of accessories for your phones, and plenty of video gaming supplies.

Basically, we're your friendly, geeky, super-helpful island team here to support you with all things techie.

Check out our PRODUCTS & SERVICES menu to see our offerings, and COME VISIT US or give us a call. Please note that we are very happy to arrange house calls at your convenience!


meet some of Our Team


Seth is an expert in the mobile plans and your Custom Order Specialist for whatever you need! He'll do his best to accommodate you or will find out who can!

He's worked with Elio for 20 years(!) and is the manager who oversee the orders and overall order and direction of the store. Seth is also well qualified to repair some phones, but our other team members usually take care of them first.

And on a personal note, Seth is an avid traveler who's lived in England, Belgium, Guatemala, Israel and Serbia in the last decade. (Of course, he always finds himself back on this beautiful island!)


Thiago is an iPhone and iPad specialist with several years of dedicated experience under his belt.

He's also a computer hardware repair professional who helps us to completely refurbish your phone and computer on site.

Thiago's a video game and console expert who will be happy to help you with the more "old school" and newly released gaming options.

Note: Thiago is one of our bilingual team members and can serve our clients both in English and Portuguese. ðŸ‡§ðŸ‡· 


You can't miss how friendly and personable Jordan is when he is taking care of you. 

Jordan is an Android, computer, and iPhone specialist. Since 13 years old, he's been working with programming language and computers, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, AngularJS, React.js.

So basically, he's a computer geek and a great person to have on your side when you need a custom computer technician!

Note: Jordan is one of our bilingual team members and can serve our clients both in English and Portuguese. ðŸ‡§ðŸ‡·